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New Brighton-based band Tribe Of Ghosts managed to secure a decent place on the New Blood Stage at this year’s Bloodstock Festival.

They won Metal To The Masses and released 2 singles so far, ‘REIGN’ and ‘COLD’

I managed to chat with them to find out what they are talking about and what is coming.

Tammy- I’m here on behalf of Metal Planet Music and I have the lovely Tribe Of Ghosts with me. How are you, guys?

TOG- Yes, we are doing very well!

Tammy- How do you find the festival?

TOG- In sweat, it’s in sweat! Try to find shade and breeze as much as possible.

Tammy- When did you come here?

TOG- We arrived yesterday, we arrived around 4 p.m. We enjoy the day and watched a few bands.

Tammy- So you’re new and based in Brighton. You have released 2 singles and are already playing Bloodstock, how did you manage to do that?

Beccy- Lots of hard work. I think a lot of it is behind-the-scenes prep, before we go all out. Me and Danny joined the band, in theory at the end of 2020. We took our time, obviously there were a lot of delays with the confinement and we got together at the end of 2021. We were rearranging our music and we decided to start when we felt ready. Just take our time and work our way through it until we feel confident and comfortable in order to have the best advantage possible to get here.

Tammy- It’s amazing, because you only released 2 singles, how are you going to do your set tomorrow?

Adam- It’s gonna be fun. All the songs we are going to play will be on our next album which we will record in October. Very very excited about this. The songs we have are all from there and we’re really, really excited.

Beccy- We play our 2 singles, among the other titles we have in store. We warmed up through a few gigs, a couple in Brighton and one we did last week in Leicester with Tumanduumband and Sulvain. It went very well and was very well received. We’re excited to launch it on Bloodstock and see what people here think about it.

Tammy- I will definitely be there tomorrow, 100%. Will you know what to expect?

Adam- It’s gonna be fun. It sounds really stereotypical and cheesy but I don’t think Bloodstock is ready for the nonsense we do. I talk nonsense but with every track, every song we made is full of heart, soul and meaning. Everything we write about, we think about and plan meticulously. We think about it carefully to create the exact sound we want to portray and that sound is mental.

Beccy- It’s pure creativity, there’s no such thing, ooo does it sound a little too thrashy or a little too pop.

Dany – If it sounds good, we put it in a song, whatever it is.

Tammy- The process of writing your material, how long did it take to write the album?

Dany – Ask him

Adam- So I’m the main songwriter, well I’m the songwriter. Beccy and I do the merge together, and then the boys do their parts as well. All that’s written is me in my little production space and kinda losing my mind for a few good days, coming back to the guys and telling them I got a song! We have a song in the set that was requested by Beccy. There was a wonderful little voice note.

Beccy- So I was washing one one night and (even though I enjoy metal) I was listening to pop artist Rina Sawayama, I love her so much. I just went, I need a sexy song, I just need it. So I sent a voice note on the band chat, saying I want a sexy song, I want those kind of references. Our songs talk a lot about society, some suffer from it but I wanted to write from the point of view of those who benefit from it. I wanted it to be insane and seductive, things like that. I sent everything and it was like, Adam… cool, let’s go.

Dany – Three days later.

Adam- Three days later, it was just a horrifying instrumental.

Beccy- I think it took a few tries to figure out the sound we wanted, and that was it.

Adam- I did it guys it’s awesome

Beccy- I left and wrote the lyrics, that’s what I want, you sing here and I’ll sing there

Tammy- So you have a good work balance? How are ideas understood, listened to and implemented?

TOB- Yes absolutely

Tammy- I think that’s the basis of any band to be successful is to have that.

Beccy- I think we respect each other’s opinion so much, we all like Adam as a musical director, but he completely understands and respects our opinion on the things we like and dislike. We’re so open and critical in a positive way, I’m like maybe, oh I don’t like that

Dany – There is no ego, you have to leave your ego at the door and write.

Adam- It’s great if I sent something and the guys are like, yeah, we really like it, that’s really good. If I’m my own boss and not, I can do more for that. I will then send a message saying, guys, I have to go a little further, I have to continue, it’s not quite ready yet. Guys will say, if it has to go any further, absolutely do it.

Not dictating but helping to guide and hear where my brain is going and they’ll be like, this is really naughty, try this, this can be fun and it fills out the next section and builds to absolute madness.

Tammy- Amazing, do you guys have any ideas or clues to get signed to a label?

Adam- Not yet at the moment, we want everything together. We talk about our goals and what we want to do and I think in this case our dream is to have a show that is a full pop show. An absolutely crazy pop show for us that’s not the pinnacle of success, but we really want to give people an amazing experience.

That’s what we want with our music, if the music is amazing to us and we like it, then if someone likes it, that’s wonderful. We want to keep that fun and really push that. No matter what, we just want to have fun.

Beccy- It’s not about titles or stats, it’s about the experience of being in a band and making the music we want to make and being creative.

Tammy- No political nonsense?

TOB- Not at all.

Adam- It’s fun to play music as dark as we play and while we play it live we just smile and it’s so much fun.

Tammy- Upcoming concerts?

Adam- We have one tomorrow, it’s this little festival called Bloodstock. I think you might know that.

Tammy- Your slot is actually very high too.

Adam- Yeah we run into Ingested and Dimmu that’s like woooahhh

Dany – Thing is, anyone who likes super heavy stuff will go check it out, we don’t want to be super heavy, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Beccy- There’s a lot of light in the songs in general and people are just looking for something a little different.

Dany – I would have been worried if we ran into Jinjer but luckily we’re not, so 🙂

Adam- So we’re booking shows right now, so we should have some to announce soon, which will be very, very fun. We are also planning concerts for next year, but at the moment our main goal is to release the album.

Tammy- Approximately time scale?

Beccy- We’re hoping to be in mixing and mastering mode around the end of January 2023 and then we’ll go into industry mode, let’s see what interest we get.

Tammy- Will you also be streaming videos?

TOB- Absolutely!

Beccy- The start of next year is leaning into filming, to give it the best possible launch.

Tammie- Be more expressive, more passionate?

Adam- Oh, absolutely, we want to be the heaviest, colossally heavy pop band.

Tammy- Oh guys, thank you very much, is there anything you would like to mention before we wrap up?

Adam- Check us out on our social pages, Tribe Of Ghosts UK., Come hang out and have a good time.

Tammie- Thanks!


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